Photography, Video and Digital Art

Goolden Sailing


I got my first 35 mm single-lens reflex film camera when I was 15 years old. By that time I also bought a second-hand enlarger. I hacked it to print larger formats. Soon I took over the family bathroom and started developing and printing my own photos in a makeshift darkroom. By the time I was 16, I bought my second camera using the earnings I made by selling action photos I took at sporting and social events. To this date photography continues to be my artistic passion. I no longer take film photography, now I just shoot digital. High end digital reflex cameras give superb results but I love the challenge of creating artistic photos on simple point and shoots and smart phones.

Video Annotation Screenshot

Amateur Web Videography

I have a deep appreciation for professional videographers and the amount of work that goes into good videography in general. I am only an apprentice with interest in documenting and transmitting knowledge. Here are sample amateur short Web-videos I have produced on a shoestring budget or no-budget at all.