Media-Rich Interactive Applications

My most rewarding work as an educational technologist is to mentor students and support instructors, teachers and faculty in developing client-side interactive digital multi-media resources for the advancement of their research, teaching and learning.

Here is a summary of interactive applications and projects that I have designed and actively developed (coded) over recent years.

Media-rich Video Annotation Tool

Interactive Video Applications

By the middle of this decade, two thirds of web traffic will be video. Web-based video content is steadily growing and is increasingly becoming an indispensable critical audiovisual resource for research, teaching and learning.

Academic work across all disciplines now requires detailed engagement with all forms of media, of which video analysis and interpretation is a important component. Video annotation systems that allow attaching to fragments of video rich media commentaries, including links to external media resources, provide the essential building blocks for motion picture analysis.

I have dedicated the better part of this past decade building interactive video apps. I even made this the topic of my Master's thesis in Information Technology.

Media-Rich Video Annotation Tools


Dynamic Web-widgets and Websites

Over the years I have built numerous reusable client-side web widgets, written in ActionScript (the scripting language for Flash, Flex and Adobe Air). More recently I have been focussing on creating HTML5 mini widgets, APIs, mashing open source Javascript libraries such as jQuery, Node.js, Processing, Foundation, Tangle and OpenLayers, Annotator and Raphael vector graphics to name a few. I also blend widgets and dynamic Websites, in PHP and database driven (like this website). The dynamic web apps range from simple audio players, video players with captioning, to simple self assessed quizzing modules, maps and visualizations. Many of the older Flash modules are still in use today.

MAp MAgnifier Thumbnail

Old Interactive Widgets

Here is a sample of oldies but goodies Web-based Flash Apps that I built over a decade ago -- yes the Flash apps still work today. Most are for image analysis for courses in humanities: